Collection: Rustic Lazy Susans, Charcuterie Boards, Serving Platters, Cutting Boards, Cake Stands, Center Pieces

Our Handcrafted Lazy Susans, Charcuterie Boards Serving Platters, Cutting Boards, Cake Stands, and Center Pieces are carefully crafted with Kiln Dried Log slices sanded smooth

Our Log Slice Products will get you many compliments in your Dining Room, or any room in your home.

Smooth, even turning with Ball Bearing action! Durable Clear Coat Finish or a Food Grade Mineral Oil and wax

Our Log Slice Products are crafted to last forever! We kiln Dry our Log slices and they will never crack, mold or the bark separate

All our products are Maine, U.S.A. Handcrafted with U.S.A. Wood!

Free shipping in the Lower 48 States!