Spalted Maple 2 Piece Turning blanks SM-107 (SOLD)

Spirit of the Woods Inc

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Spalted Maple Turning Blanks  Set of Two  (This Set is Sold, Not Available)

Grade- C

KD-Kiln Dried

Light Spalt



Spalted Maple Planks were wet wit ALC to enhance the Figure for photo purpose

Measures: A-41 1/4" x 1 3/4" x 1 3/4"  B- 26" x 1 3/4" x 1 3/4"




Spalted Maple and other Hard Woods for the Craftsmen who are looking for that special piece of wood for that special project.

Our Spalted Woods are one of a kind and the photos are of the actual piece & there is only one.

Here are the Codes we reference each piece:

A= Grade A- Moderate to Heavy Spalt Figure, Minor to no defects

B=  Grade B- Moderate to Heavy Spalt Figure Low to Moderate defects

C= Grade C- Light Spalt  Minor defects


BI=Bark Inclusion

SSM=Minor Soft Spots will benefit with a hardener

SC=Surface Checks

EC= End Checks

SSH- Moderate Soft Spots will benefit with a hardener

K= Knots (1) number states quantity

V= Void

W= Worm Holes/insect trails


A= Ambrosia

KD=Kiln Dried

BM= Book Matched set of Two

S1S= Surfaced 1 side

S2S= Surfaced 2 Sides

S3S= Surfaced 3 Sides

S4S= Surfaced 4 sides

R= Rough sawn not planed

1-LE = 1 Live Ede

2-LE= 2 Live Edges

N= Narrowest Point of Surface Measurement