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Spirit of the Woods Inc

Spalted Aspen Live Edge Slab SA-200 (SOLD)

Spalted Aspen Live Edge Slab SA-200 (SOLD)

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Spalted Aspen Live Edge Slab with one Live edge. Great for Crafts furniture, shelves and more. (SOLD_ NO LONGER AVAILABLE)


Grade- A

KD-Kiln Dried

Heavy Spalt


Very Sound

Spalted  Aspen Slab was wet wit ALC to enhance the Figure for photo purpose

Measures: 30" x 9 1/2" 1 5/8"

Photos of Actual Piece




Spalted Maple and other Hard Woods for the Craftsmen who are looking for that special piece of wood for that special project.

Our Spalted Woods are one of a kind and the photos are of the actual piece & there is only one.

Here are the Codes we reference each piece:

A= Grade A- Moderate to Heavy Spalt Figure, Minor to no defects

B=  Grade B- Moderate to Heavy Spalt Figure Low to Moderate defects

C= Grade C- Light Spalt  Minor defects


BI=Bark Inclusion

SSM=Minor Soft Spots will benefit with a hardener

SC=Surface Checks

EC= End Checks

SSH- Moderate Soft Spots will benefit with a hardener

K= Knots (1) number states quantity

V= Void

W= Worm Holes/insect trails


A= Ambrosia

KD=Kiln Dried

BM= Book Matched set of Two

S1S= Surfaced 1 side

S2S= Surfaced 2 Sides

S3S= Surfaced 3 Sides

S4S= Surfaced 4 sides

R= Rough sawn not planed

1-LE = 1 Live Ede

2-LE= 2 Live Edges

N= Narrowest Point of Surface Measurement


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