Traction Aids Get unstuck in Snow, Ice or Mud, Easy

Extra Heavy Duty Traction Aids For Trucks,Cars, Semi's, Heavy Equipment


Don’t go another winter without our winter traction devices.

Get a Grip…Get Traction Aids. Don’t Get Stuck Without Them.

Snow, ice and mud are no match for Traction Aids®. You can have peace of mind knowing your Traction Aids® are in your trunk or behind the seat, ready to use in the unfortunate event you slip off the road or get stuck in the snow, stuck in the mud, or even sand.

Yes, Traction Aids® work in all sorts of surfaces including sand. We have a special heavy duty Traction Aids® option. These are augmented with a durable web-like steel plate which provides tire traction even in soft sand. Also they work great for larger trucks like UPS and FedEx and others. They have proven to reduce lost time and saved companies thousands of dollars.

homePic2Traction Aids® are an invaluable winter traction device that you can slip under the wheels of your car, truck, ATV and other motorized vehicles, that will give you the traction you need to get your vehicle back on the road. They are simple to use and are an important part of your winter car emergency kits. They fit easily in the trunk of your car, or behind the seats of your truck.

Order a pair of Traction Aids® today for your vehicle and don’t forget to order a pair for your significant other’s car too.

Truck stuck in the mud? Car stuck in the snow? With Traction Aids® you’ll get a grip and get unstuck fast in 4 simple steps. Check out our instructions page to see how easy it is to use Traction Aids®.

Instructions for Using Traction Aids®


instructionsPic1Traction Aids® are easy to use and there are only 4 simple steps.

  1. Place Traction Aids under front tires for front wheel drive vehicles or rear tires for rear wheel drive vehicles; ensure that the grips are pointing down.
  2. Set Traction Aids® grips firmly beneath the tires in the direction of drive-off. Grips should be wedged between tire and ground.
  3. Slowly drive off; vehicle pulls the Traction Aids® underneath the tires.
    If spinning occurs, stop and repeat.
  4. Don’t forget to get out and retrieve the Traction Aids®.

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Very Important…

Never stand directly in line with the vehicle wheels while Traction Aids® are in use.

Note: Traction Aids® may not work under all conditions, or in all situations.


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