Balm of Gilead Wood Slices 9" to 11" diameter x 1" thick with Food Grade Oil Finish. Plate Chargers

Spirit of the Woods Inc

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Balm of Gilead Log/Tree Round Slices With a Danish Oil Finish or Food Grade Mineral Oil & Bees Wax.

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Food Safe Finished Log Slices 9" to 10" diameter x 1" thick. Wood Slices with Bark

The Natural Beauty of Balm of Gilead is brought out with our hand rubbed Natural  Food Grade Mineral Oil & Bees Wax

Perfect for Wedding Center Pieces, Plate Chargers, Food Serving platters and so much more.

 Kiln Dried to prevent shrinkage,splitting bark separation and mold. Sanded smooth before finish applied Both Sides

Our Log Slices are TOP Quality! You won't find large cracks, Mold, or Bark coming off like you will with many vendors who just cut log slices & sell them!

We go through a very extensive process to produce the highest quality Log slice you will find anywhere! And if kept out of the elements, they will remain Pristine forever!

Hand selected, hand processed by us here in the Mountains of Western Maine

If you just cut a slice out of a log, it is 100% Guaranteed it will split wide open, warp, Bark fall off and most likely mold. It has to be done right!!!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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